Live with peace of mind. Collaborate with us to achieve your important lifetime goals.

Building Financial Independence

We help those with a goal of making work optional build a strong foundation for future success .

Retired or Thinking About It

We help those in or considering retirement optimize their resources for themselves and the people and causes they care about.

Life in Transition

We help those dealing with substantial changes in life manage critical financial decisions with confidence.


Your goal is to make work optional.

Many families don’t tackle financial and investment planning until later in life thinking it may be too time-consuming, complex, or costly. Our WealthMax Coaching Program will quickly help you develop an actionable one-page plan, begin tracking your progress, and provide a framework for future financial decisions based on your most important values, beginning with answering the following four questions:

  • Are you taking the right amount of risk?
  • Are you using your income wisely?
  • Do you have the right mix of assets?
  • How much wealth do you need to make work optional?


Who We Serve | Financial Planning Management | Avery Wealth
Who We Serve | Financial Planning Management | Avery Wealth

You are ready for the next chapter

It’s a major change when you transition from building wealth to depending on it for the rest of your life. Our Private Wealth Management program provides in-depth scenario planning and stress-testing to determine the impact of choices around investments, Social Security claiming, taxes, and charitable giving.

Questions considered include:

  • What is the impact of different portfolio risk levels?
  • How will pension and Social Security claiming options affect my long-term wealth?
  • How much can distribution planning reduce my taxes?
  • How will my plan work if 2008 happens again?
  • Are there ways to maximize charitable gifts while protecting long-term income?

Your life is in transition.

We understand that life does not always go as planned. Unexpected life events such as losing a loved one, divorce, an inheritance, or an unplanned job change can involve many important financial decisions that require immediate attention. Heightened emotions, that can often accompany these events, may make it difficult to think clearly and make well-thought-out, balanced decisions.

Our Certified Financial Planners™ have the knowledge and experience to help you move forward confidently.

Some common questions that arise during transitions include:

  • How will my overall financial profile change as a result?
  • What is the best thing to do with the financial accounts that I may be receiving?
  • Does my portfolio need to change based on the transition?
  • If receiving income from investments, how might that change?
  • What changes to my benefits like insurance and retirement accounts may be impacted?
Who We Serve | Financial Planning Management | Avery Wealth